RedVex is Federally licensed by ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) for the sale, purchase, and trade of firearms and services performed as a gun-smith. As such, online sale of firearms and certain firearm parts are strictly regulated. You can purchase any firearm from this website however, I can only ship firearms and regulated lowers to another FFL dealer. Once purchased, you must contact us to provide us with the licensed FFL dealer information. We will then contact the FFL dealer to arrange for shipping to the FFL; we will not ship the firearm or regulated lower directly to you unless you have a valid FFL.


Note: it is your responsibility to ensure the firearms you have elected to purchase is  legal in your respective State and you are authorized to purchase them. Should a purchased firearm not be legal in your State or you are not authorized by Local, State, or Federal Law to purchase the firearms, the FFL dealer is required by law to return the firearm and not proceed with your transaction. We will then promptly refund the purchase price less the shipping charges, both ways, as well as a 15% restocking fee once the firearm is received into our stock.