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-Welcome to RedVex-

RedVex is a sole proprietorship strategically located in McLennan County Texas between Austin and Dallas.

RedVex products and services span a wide variety of subject matter. RedVex.com is the central hub for the Company's business. Each of RedVex's separate products and services are advertised and distributed through their respectful and localized websites with specialized domain names.

To minimize hacker attempts and "phishing" to our clients, it is important to know that all communications will come from RedVex. This will be without regard to which localized business unit you are ordering from or communicating with. Further, any communication received from RedVex will identify you by your registered name and registered username as well as the business unit you are registered with. Without all this information please proceed with caution and we recommend immediately deleting the message with extreme prejudice. We will never ask you to reveal any passwords or personally identifiable information either in email or via any link sent to you in email. That is the most common phishing scheme to steal your identity.

Please enjoy our family of products and services. If you have any problems, suggestions, or recommendations please feel free to contact our webmaster using the contacts page on any of our websites.

Latest News!

If you are looking for the old RedVex page for Domains and Web Services, it will be available in the menu under Web Services. Until then, you can click here to be redirected.

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